Beacon Soccer Training

Individual Soccer coaching for Youth,Collegiate and professional Soccer players


Why us

Unique soccer coaching my experts in both Soccer and fitness.


Where do you want to be? We will give you the best possible advice in where we think you will best flourish, whether it be developing your technique and fitness to get that extra yard, or preparing for that breakout season. We can get you there

We want to make sure we are working with the best possible players in the greatest shape that they can be in. After signing with us, you will be put on a personal fitness programme. With a staff specialising in kinesiology, sports science, fitness and nutrition, we give you the tools to get your game to that next level.


“Beacons commitment to my career allows me to concentrate on what’s important. They make sure i’m always in the best possible state and well being to play at the highest level I can”

— Ste Rigg- Dover Athletic Football Club


World-class Trainers